Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cayang my luvly sis..tieyty..

great!..the last week in malaysia before going back to beijing..i've stayed at kl wif my sis..she do always understand me..and cheer me is awesome spending 4 days 3 night wif her..hugging her tym tito..mkn sme2..gado2..berebut teddy..snap a lot of pixs!! and hang out..da fis day wif abg..her cumil boy..we all spend tym at ICT, the place were damn beautiful...with millions of colorful light..and decorations..i like it..then 2nd day we shopping at Pavilion and timessqure till nyte..hakhaks! spend byk duet..and we've bought two new frens..MIAOW2 and STICH..dat a present from my sis..i nk bwa gi beijing ..then the 3rd day, i juz stay bilik men wif totoy..da 4th day..balik seremban..ngee..i do rely will miss my luvly sis in beijing..huwaa!..

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