Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what happen to me??

humm,,what happen to me? lately..urgh! it seems there is no longer me..where am i? i DUNNO..really DUNNO..did i lost? or out of my track? my exam does not success..why? what about before..before i'm ok..do rely okey..i mean good and success..but today..urm..why do i lost my aim..my focus..where r they? gone...hmm..i'm 'going' to slow..i mean a slow learner..surely i'm quite depress with all these things..is there anything interrupting me? i dun think so..it just me and myself who did all these..but how? when? i didn't even realise it till today..tieyta..wake up..bounce back..please dear..be good...

(i've just contact my mum..ma told me not to be too depress..just relax and try to manage back evrything..just think that u can and u will...) P/S : mish u mama..:(

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