Monday, June 6, 2011

huh! beijing~ sigh

why do they have this kind of attitude?
i DO really can't stand this anymore..
can't they change their attitude..
they're TOO much!!
spitting everywhere..

peeing everywhere..

the most worse part is..poop!!!! Eeeiww~

Yesterday, i saw it with my own two eyes,there was a girl on the side of the brigde was doing her job (pooping), urgh! disguisting man..with her but showing off toward the public,i dunno why??
why do she need to do it in public? why can't she get a toilet plizzzzzz...

And a few days before, i saw a man..doing his job(peeing) at the corridor...erkk! too much..can see it :( ..pliz at least cOver urself..can't u?

i dunno how to describe my feeling at that time..
i'm SO--> like wanna scream out loud..GO and GET the TOILET!!!..
TOILET...don't they know what is toilet stands for??????

huh..i felt SO disappointed!

Beijing people..please alert..
come on..its time to change..
there are numerous of place called
urgh..this is common need to tell laa..
i hate it!
stop it, can't u guys?

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