Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Semester Starts

Your holiday is over??
Urgh! being lazy to start your new semester??
With the painstaking 8 am class.
I knew,all of us are still in the "holiday mode",
'the wake up time at noon is normal,'
'sleep late at night is -usually-',
but starting today,you need to manage it back!!

Come on friends here are some tips for you,to start your new semester.

Review your syllabus.
Review your past syllabus. After a long break,do you still remember the last chapter that you have learned. Yes! still in mind. "Are you sure??" ..Really,really sure?..haha. If no,please review it back okay, ----->to keep up your studies.

Set your resolution.
Set your highly ambitious goal to do better for your new semester. To be the best student among the others.To pass you examination with flying colors. To achieve this 's totally depends on your own effort,so GO with it.

Time management.
Have your own -long list- and place the priority on the things that benefits you the most on the top list.
Manage your rest time. I mean, just like the chinese people always said "早睡早起". ( Sleep early,wake early).
Make sure,to start revising early, rather than waiting until the last minute,
Come on..please ---->Avoid that nervous face (*_*) when it is said to have an examination TOMORROW!!!!

So,there we go~
Welcome back ya. :P


  1. akak ni best la...dpt g beijing..tdi sye silap post..t'post kt anda pernah meluncur..sye bru je follow...follow blek ek