Thursday, March 25, 2010

sudah pasti..

crita sebenar? biarla aku sahaja yang tahu..biar aku pahat dalam2..yang pasti aku tidak mahu ia terungkap..walau sehalus zarah..lubang hati..ia tidak akan keluar...aku kaget..aku sedey..kegembiraan itu sementara..betul2 sementara..aku berjaya sampai ke tahap yang aku ingini selama 5 tahun ini..JANJI ITU,aku pegang..aku usaha tunaikan..tapi...aku terlambat..atau mungkin janji itu bukan untuk aku..

kini sudah pasti..janji itu mati disini.

aku berserah pada ilahi..

aku pasrah..

Tuhan aku mohon ketabahan hati dari..


felt released = today's exam is over..

unsatisfied = exam not ok..:(

wondering = why do people love to talk about me,(all the time)?? can't they just mind their own business?

beijing weather,lately..the environment was polluted with dust..very dusty and i felt so uncomfortable..tak ske! :(

long time didn't online..just today get to touch this colourful keypad of my luvly lappy..nothing to write..just wanna pass trough..and drop by some words..

hum..suddenly feel like wanna eat Takoyaki~
ayi,wi xiang chi zuo tako tako zuo de hen hao chi..wee~

Saturday, March 13, 2010


today..snowing again..:(..but we're still stick on our plan..workout at gym..our luvly scoot..were fully covered with white seems to be damn cold..snow doesnt stop falling..teha stil decided to go to the gym by riding on our is because..we cant stand to walk in the snow..but the road was arrive we rides slowly..humm..unni have waited for us there..'unni'=kakak..hehe,she is another cute korean girl that i've ever meet.. we first do the cardio exercise..then we get into the dance usual practise our dance step..huhu..wink!:) we are all i look out of da window..the snow still faliing down..wanna snap a photo..from the window and upload it here....wait ya..q

visiting lu laoshi..

kelmarin..kami pergi ke umah lu laoshi..terletak agak jauh dari Universiti kami..perjalanan agak memenatkn kerna terpaksa menaiki bas kemudian menaiki tren..dan kami perlu 3 kali menukar tren..dan nek bas semula untuk sampai ke destinasi..setibanya,kami disambut dengan tangan terbuka oleh keluarga laoshi..berbual dan menikmati snek..
~malam,kami dinner di sebuah restoran...dihidangkn dengan makanan..(shuan yang rou)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what happen to me??

humm,,what happen to me? lately..urgh! it seems there is no longer me..where am i? i DUNNO..really DUNNO..did i lost? or out of my track? my exam does not success..why? what about before..before i'm rely okey..i mean good and success..but today..urm..why do i lost my focus..where r they? gone...hmm..i'm 'going' to slow..i mean a slow learner..surely i'm quite depress with all these there anything interrupting me? i dun think just me and myself who did all these..but how? when? i didn't even realise it till today..tieyta..wake up..bounce back..please good...

(i've just contact my told me not to be too depress..just relax and try to manage back evrything..just think that u can and u will...) P/S : mish u mama..:(

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

在 北京 了

now..i'm studying in new semester, new new teacher also..hum..beijing stil snowing in the first and the second day when i've arrived here..these are the photos i've took,the view is from my desk in classroom..see.. millions of snowflakes out there..damn cold..huhu..i'm freezing even covered with my fav aber crombie sweater and winter coat from korean unni..(ni pun nk gtaw,cam poyo jer,hehe)..erm..this is the buah orange..which is the cheapest fruit in beijing ngeh3x..i eat it all nyte, to prevent sleepy..hehe..wanna make sure dun sleep to get enough study..really? no la..sumtyms i ngantok tertido also the pix of my new books..

packing blk beijing..

satu luggage besar ini makanan jer.huhu..