Tuesday, March 2, 2010

在 北京 了

now..i'm studying in new semester, new books..new timetable..got new teacher also..hum..beijing stil snowing in the first and the second day when i've arrived here..these are the photos i've took,the view is from my desk in classroom..see.. millions of snowflakes out there..damn cold..huhu..i'm freezing even covered with my fav aber crombie sweater and winter coat from korean unni..(ni pun nk gtaw,cam poyo jer,hehe)..erm..this is the buah orange..which is the cheapest fruit in beijing ngeh3x..i eat it all nyte, to prevent sleepy..hehe..wanna make sure dun sleep to get enough study..really? no la..sumtyms i ngantok tertido jgak..huu..here also the pix of my new books..

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